I’m already registered on the “old” Cambridge Arts Network - how do I move my account across?

To move your account across from the old CAN site, you just need to follow the account migration process.

First, click on the "Login" link on the CAN homepage

Next, click on the "Migrate my account" button in the "Having trouble" navigation pane

Follow the 4 steps to update your account details

A new User account will be created using your email address and a new Profile will be created using the details that you have just verified.

If you have previously posted on CAN, these posts will be linked to your new Profile. No data will be lost during the migration process.

After completing the steps, you will receive an email to select a new password. Once you have chosen a new password, you're ready to start using CAN.

If you continue to have issues you can always contact us.

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